10 tips to Get More Orders on Fiverr

Ahmad Mustafa
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Hi, I am back with 10 tips to get more orders on Fiverr. Recently, we got many messages from subscribers asking how to get more orders on Fiverr. So, I decided to cover this topic first!

So, I decided to cover this topic first! Before, we learn how to get more orders on Fiverr.

Here you go, the 10 cool tips to Get More Orders on Fiverr:

1. Make a Plan

Make a plan that is much important. In this section, first of all, focus on which service you’ll offer. Don’t be like the one who creates gigs on many topics. Just sell the service in which you’re unique. In fact, Fiverr is a place where you sell your skills. So, polish your skills first and then start selling your skills ( in the form of gigs).

2. Get Fake Views

Get fake views (300+) via promoting them on social sharing sites. Check out the post below:

5 ways to promote Fiverr gigs

The fake views can get your gigs to the top of Fiverr searches and simultaneously you’ll get more orders and sales.

3. Make your Profile look Professional

After you made a plan, now it’s time to make your Fiverr profile look attractive and professional. You’ll have to use your real picture, good description and so on. In the description or About Me section, you have to define yourself not your services. Like I am Muhammad Ahmad, a Professional Web Designer, Graphic Designer with over 3 years of experience. I will provide my services with 100% satisfaction or something like that. But write it in a professional manner. It attracts buyers!

4. Add Mind Blowing description to your Gig

Write a good description in your gigs as well. As you know the gig is the page showing your service. So, describe your service well. Add a great description to each of your gigs, explain your services like a Boss. Whenever, a buyer rolling on Fiverr checks your gig, he/she reads the description first, if you can fulfill their requirements in the description, you will get orders.

5. Country

Being a Fiverr user, I’ve experienced that country matters in getting orders or sales. How was my experience? Firstly, I created an account with Pakistan as a country. Believe me, I got no SALE in six months. After that, when I was going to launch Tutorials Fist, I created an account with the UK IP. I got orders within some days. Although, the service was same as I offered them on Pakistani account. So, I will suggest you to create an account with UK/USA or any other European country. You’ll see a change! Buyers pay higher to European sellers. 😀

6. Add Videos to Your gigs

According to Fiverr, the gigs having videos sell 220% more than those having just images. You can create videos for your gigs online. Check out the post below:

Secret Trick to create Fiverr gig videos online

Videos can boost your sales. If you’re not getting orders from a long time, add videos to your gigs.

7. Stay Active

Activeness matters a lot. As Fiverr introduced online/offline feature, it will allow buyers to know that the seller is active or not? If you’re active, buyer will contact you and you can get orders plus sales. In this way, activeness can prove beneficial to make a boost in your orders and sales.

8. Offer Money Back Guarantee

That works pretty better in getting more orders. Offer money back guarantees in your gigs. Download badges by simply GooglingMoney back guarantee badges”. You can use the money back guarantee badges in gig images! It forces buyers to order your gig. I have tried that, it boosted my Sales up to 120%. That was my turn, now your turn. Try this and share results in comments. 🙂

9. Be fast — Provide services quickly

First of all, sell the service which you can provide faster! After you did that, provide your services fast. It can transform buyers into clients. In this way, you can get more orders on your gigs. Be fast and earn fast 😉

10. Anything Else?

If you know any other trick that can increase sales on Fiverr, then share with our blog readers in comments. Thanks for stopping by!

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