3-Step Formula to Write Effectively!

Writing is what I do most of the time. I don’t see a day passing without something freshly written. I write, I write blogs, I write diary, I write stories and travel experiences.

I do write for a living.

Been into writing, I have connected several PRO Writers and got some advice. I implemented their strategies and I started to write more effectively.

What Exactly Writing is?

To me, writing is about the romance of words. You start with a story or anything, all you need to do is make sure the reader goes into what you wrote. The connection should remain till your piece hasn’t been read thoroughly.

How much time it takes for a really Great Blog Post that is SEO Optimized?

Well, this is kinda off topic question but here I am answering it to inspire myself. In the journey when I started, I was able to write 200–300 words in half an hour and then 5–10 minutes were required for proofreading and pointing out grammar mistakes. That was start, I was unable to meet deadlines for the writing projects I had. Later, I continued to learn how PRO writers manage writings effectively? How they produce tons of content, everyday working for a few hours. I learned the techniques and implemented, the writing speed and effectiveness improved.

Here’s what I did:

#1. PLAN Before you start punching the Keyboard!

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The one thing that matters in every aspect; PLANNING! Without a plan, a dream remains a dream and when a plan is created and implemented, dreams are translated into reality. About writing, planning should be done earlier. Take a notepad and pen, write the article/blog post/speech title. Write the plan: How much time you have for the completion? What time is perfect for writing? What is the main focus? When you’re done through the main focus thing and have planned the time for research and writing, be on TIME. Accomplish it accordingly!

#2. Done with Planning, Structure Your content

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After planning, all I do is structurizing the content. It means taking out the important points you want to cover. Like, crafting the headings and key things that define the overall content you wanna write. This has improved my writing velocity, I write faster when I have got a well-structured thought about the content I am gonna write. So, structurize your content!

#3. Clean Your Desk, Minimize Distractions as much as you can!

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So, you write while listening to music? That’s not a good habit. Writing needs focus and focus is developed in no-distraction area. If you can manage both, keep your distractions there. In my case, I clean my desk, minimize distractions as much as I can. Minimizng Distractions include tapping the “Don’t disturb mode”, cleaning the desk and every activity that can get my kill my focus. I guarantee you if you write in a clean and peaceful environment, writing effectiveness would multiply. You stay focused to what you’re writing only and so the content produced would be called “Highly Engaging Content”.

#4. Start Writing!

That’s it, you have planned and structured your content, killed the activities that stop you from staying consistent. That’s it, Start writing Now.

About Muhammad Ahmad:

I am a Freelance Writer. I have been writing for several online magazines and blogs. If you’re looking for a Quality Content Writer for your blog, I am the one. Let’s talk!



A writer who has written 3,00,000+ words for online magazines only! If you’re looking for the one; say ‘Hi’ >> ahmadseowriter@gmail.com

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Ahmad Mustafa

Ahmad Mustafa


A writer who has written 3,00,000+ words for online magazines only! If you’re looking for the one; say ‘Hi’ >> ahmadseowriter@gmail.com