30+ Experts Share What’s the Perfect Time to Start Link Building for a New Blog?

When it comes to Off Page SEO, the first thing is to start link building. Although, Off Page SEO involves all kind of optimizations and tweaks done outside your webpages/blogs. Link Building has been a great strategy to build authority and improve rankings.

Link Building is something you need to focus on. It’s not about creating backlinks for your blog/website anywhere across the web. Well, in my view, to start link building you need three things:

  • Perfect Time
  • Perfect strategy
  • Authority sites to get build links from

The first thing will be discussed by experts; scroll down a little. You can find perfect strategy for Link Building from these resources:

Link Building Tactics (Complete List) — Point Blank SEO What is Link Building? Strategies by MOZ A successful link building strategy in 6 steps by Yoast

The third thing is still pending. “Authority Sites to build backlinks from”, you can find authority sites by searching your main keywords on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Create a list, contact webmasters and ask them to feature you. Isn’t that simple?

Let’s see what industry experts and bloggers have got for us:


Link Building is the most crucial part of Off-Page SEO. Link Building is all about making your eligible to get links from authority webpages. And to fetch links from authority sites, you need to make your site/blog a value. To make your blog a value, try to publish quality content, have a good content strategy and keep following. The best thing is to avoid spamming your blog everywhere to build links. Once your blog has value, you’ll start fetching links from reputed webpages easily. So, focus on making your blog a value and let others value it!

Originally published at https://meetahmad.com on October 1, 2017.



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