5 Lessons I have learnt from Imran Khan’s life

Imran Khan has taken oath as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan and the journey took 22 years. 22 years ago, Imran Khan came up with the Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf in order to make Pakistan a debt free, corruption free country. The 22 years old journey has several ups and downs. In 2013 Elections, his party PTI didn’t get a majority and the PML(N) got the victory. Later on, with the impact of 126 days of Azaadi March and Panama papers lead to the disqualification PML(N) chairperson Nawaz Sharif. That was the first step to Insaaf (Justice) that Imran Khan was struggling for.

Here are the 5 lessons I have learnt from Imran Khan’s life:

#1. Consistency is the Key

As you know the journey to becoming a Prime Minister of Pakistan started 22 years ago, IK stood for making Pakistan a corruption free country. Imran Khan had the goal to become a head of the government in order to do what he has planned for the betterment of the country.

What I learned from this continuous journey is; consistency is the key. We, humans (Ashraf-ul-Makhloqaat) can do wonders and nothing is impossible for us. All we need to do is; stick to your plan, stay consistent and you’ll get whatever you’ve dreamt of.

This is what Imran Khan did!

He stood up with no one as his support, lost national elections several times but never stopped his struggle. He kept following his goal and at the end, he reached the destination.

#2. Haters are not hurdles — They motivate you!

Look what Iqbal said:

Iqbal actually wanna convey that haters can’t stop you; rather they make you fly high. Never get distracted by haters rather take them as motivators and continue.

Imran Khan is the practical example; he did take his haters as motivators and didn’t look backwards. All other parties made the alliance to degrade his party but IK kept moving with the Paigham-e-Iqbal in his mind.

#3. Be Patriotic in every part of your life!

Imran Khan was married to Jamaima Khan and he was well settled there. But despite living abroad with no thoughts/work for his country, he came back. He knew the condition of his country. He knew how politicians are ruling the minds of Pakistanis and ruining his beloved country. He proved patriotic, came back to Pakistan left behind his family and children.

This is the most emotional part of his story.

So, I learned the lesson: Be patriotic in every part of life; every time you get a chance, stand up for your country.

#4. Strong Team lets you win!

Making Imran Khan reach his goal in 22 years might not have been possible without the help of his team. It could have taken more time.

IK managed his team very well and in return, IK and his team survived in making the biggest democratic party of Pakistan as of July 25 elections.

I learned:

Working alone can also let you reach your goal but may take more time. So, build a Strong Team and reach your goals faster!

#5. Creativity Dominates!

Imran Khan and his team proved very creative in promoting their party goals. PTI’s Social Media Team was very creative in publishing the content according to the political atmosphere. Giving each of their protests a creative name & promoting them all over helped them dominate. On the other hands, when other parties were in opposition, they protested in general and never promoted what the protest(s) were actually for. IK’s party used to name each protest which conveyed the protest goal like Azaadi March (126 dharna) stands for the Azaadi from ignorance & corruption.

So, in every case, you need creativity to rule over & dominate your competitors. Creativity RULES!!

Bottom Line

These are the lessons that an 18-years old blogger learned from the current Prime Minister Imran Khan’s life. Did you learn anything from our beloved PM? Do let me know in comments. 🙂

Lastly, if it reaches Imran Khan, I would say:

Originally published at https://meetahmad.com on August 18, 2018.




A writer who has written 3,00,000+ words for online magazines only! If you’re looking for the one; say ‘Hi’ >> ahmadseowriter@gmail.com

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Ahmad Mustafa

Ahmad Mustafa

A writer who has written 3,00,000+ words for online magazines only! If you’re looking for the one; say ‘Hi’ >> ahmadseowriter@gmail.com

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