7 best Ideas for Better Blogging!

#1. Being Original

Remember that this is your blog and you should share your thoughts and perspective. Approach whatever you sharing at your own angle and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. But, remember to give people what they want to read. Be unique.

#2. Do Some Research About Blogging

If you seriously want to be the best blogger, then it’s a must for you to read about those who have succeeded. The idea is not for you to copy what they did but to understand how they overcame the obstacles that they faced when they started. You can do this by joining blogging events hosted by fellow bloggers from different fields such as photography, writing or even travel. You can also create your own event and submit it to blog listing for other to join in. This is the perfect way for you to get the feedback of exactly what you want.

#3. The title of your Posts

People will not read a post that has a boring title on assumption that the article is boring too. Be creative and create titles that capture the attention of your readers but still be careful to retain the meaning of your post. Using topics that are almost similar to the trending current events is the easiest way to catch the attention of many people who might have skipped your post without reading it.

#4. Social Media Sharing

Include a social media plugins on your blog that allow visitors to share it. This helps you reach more people out there. Furthermore, that is the idea of having a blog. There are many plugins to use but I prefer Digg Digg, it works perfectly for me. This includes sharing your post on your social media accounts to promote yourself. You can use Buffer, too. It helps you auto-pilot your social media handles.

#5. Encourage Guest Contribution

When a guest post on your blog, it is a sign of getting known by people. It gets better when well-known bloggers post on your blogs because it gives your readers variety. The idea here is to improve your blogging profile by allowing your guest contributor to interact with your readers. You can also post on other blogs as a guest to expand your reach. It works very well! [Remember, it’s a guest contribution]

#6. Start a conversation

It is your responsibility to encourage your readers to leave a comment. 90% of your visitors will more likely read and just move on without commenting and they require stimulation. Remember to reply to their comments because it shows appreciation. Sometimes even asking your readers what they want can do the trick. This can be achieved by use of many tools available on your dashboard from polls to contact form allowing your readers to connect with you without providing their email address. The more conversation rate you’ve, the more it is likely to grow your readership!

#7. Interesting Blog Posts

The worst thing that can happen to you is to bore your readers when they are halfway reading your post. Chances are if this happens, they will never read your posts again. Therefore, you must ensure that your posts engage your readers from the beginning to the end (just like a movie with great start and end). Here are a few tips to help you create popular posts:

  • Pay attention to grammar.
  • Use appropriate vocabulary.
  • Read through your post several times before publishing it. [ Important ]
  • Use interactive images. [ Now, You can hire me for your blog posts featured images ]



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