Bone Fractured: A Bad Story!

This year started with some great stories. I made my come back to Freelancing and got success. Everything was going fine but you know:

Life is full of struggles. Sometimes, we face failures, hardships, challenges and all we need is to keep moving. Today, I am going to share a story that changed the way I used to think.

It was February 2, I got up early. Offered prayer and after having breakfast, I started studying for college exam. Went college, and as usual we started playing football after the exam. A batch-fellow (Ahsan) who belonged to my opposite team hit me so hard that my Clavicle bone (left) fractured.

I got up and there was a great pain. I thought it was a temporary one but the pain continued. My friends (Shahzad and Haris) took me to the hospital. The doctor tied my left arm:

I was unable to move, though. I reached home and just tied myself with the bed! 🙁

The bed rest continued for months and then I recovered by the grace of Allah Almighty. Allah knows how much difficult it was for me to sleep.

Leave it, I got recovered. The whole schedule restarted and that’s all I need!

Here are the lessons I learnt after that incident:

Consistency is Everything:

I was on a bed rest for months, I was unable to sit in front of screen to get anything started. I lost the writing flow, lost the stamina to work!

It just made me realise that if you’re not consistent with anything, you’ll lose all the stuff you’ve worked for. When I came back to blogging, I saw all of my blogs going down in perspective of revenue and traffic. It was something really terrible.

I closed my Laptop and started thinking about what I have lost!

Later, I got up. Got myself fresh and started working again. I saw my blogs growing at a faster rate and the reason behind that was “I was consistent”.

That’s the best lesson that a long bed rest taught me.

Life keeps turning, don’t lose the focus:

Life turns, it keeps changing. All the natural disasters are nothing but hurdles to cross over and move on. You’ve to get your goals clear and then no hurdle is going to distract you.

Just like I had an incident, I took it as a hurdle, not a permanent disease. I lost hope but later I thought it’s just a challenge from the hell of challenges (Life, I mean) and then I started focusing on what I was focusing before!

There’s a lot more to share and I’ll keep you updated with the lessons I learn from my life. Pardon me, if I was unable to reply me!

Stay Positive and Stay loyal to you and your work. 🙂


Originally published at on June 25, 2017.



A writer who has written 3,00,000+ words for online magazines only! If you’re looking for the one; say ‘Hi’ >>

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Ahmad Mustafa

Ahmad Mustafa


A writer who has written 3,00,000+ words for online magazines only! If you’re looking for the one; say ‘Hi’ >>