Fiverr Success Story: How I made 102.5$ on Fiverr within a month!

Went underground for some months, started working at Fiverr with new ideas. Sold my creativity as much as I could! Tried many techniques and earned 102.5$. You’ll consider these earnings low!


But what?

But I am sure many of the guys here would be looking for quick money, not for huge money. Do you know what exactly quick money is !?

Yes, it is the money that you earn by doing a very short-termed work. And it is the amount that you make money within a couple of moments!

Let’s take an example; You do a job, and you get paid monthly. You need to have some money that you would consume regularly. The bucks that you would get whenever you want is in the case of ‘ Quick Money ‘.

I’ve tried a few freelancing sites and found Fiverr as the best for newbies. The reason behind is that it doesn’t take more time to earn via Fiverr. It is not just a game of weeks, but it is the game of days!

Now, consider Fiverr as a Quick Money generator and follow the steps below to make more than 102.5$ 🙂

Step #1. Increase the Trust level of your profile

This is the most important part at Fiverr. First, increase the trust level of your profile. I already shared a guide on how to get an attractive Fiverr profile, do follow the guide. I am also sharing the main focuses here:

Use real picture for your profile

Write a good description about you, your services, expertise, etc.

Once your profile looks professional, you’re done with this step.

Move on to step #2:

Step #2. Before you create your first GIG!

Yes, before you create your first gig, sit back and relax.

Now, ask yourself:

  • Which tasks can I do?
  • Which services can I offer?
  • In which field, I can satisfy customers?
  • In which field, I am highly proficient?

After you ask these queries yourself, you’ll be able to learn which services you’re going to offer there at Fiverr!

Step #3. Search for the services you’re going to offer

That’s another important part. After you are done with choosing a service. Just go to Fiverr and search for your services. You’ll see some top rated gigs there. Move towards a few of them and check how are they offering services? How are they describing their services? How is their gig title? Is that attention-grabbing?

I am sure you would fetch some creative ideas after watching your competitor’s gigs. That’s all.

Now, move to Step #4:

Step #4. Wohooo! Time to create your first gig

es now, it’s time to create your first gig. Are you ready?

Nope! I am not…

Okay, read this guide to have some more fresh and creative ideas for your gigs.

In this case study, I’ll share what I included in my gigs to generate sales?

So, my gigs had:

  • An impressive title. An attention-grabbing title, I mean!
  • A mind blowing description
  • An offer: Buy 1 = Get one free ( I added it in my gig description)
  • Money Back Guarantee (same — add it in description)

Step #5. Use Twitter to get awesome buyers

Do you know I have got many buyers from Twitter! Not just buyers, but also regular buyers….

To promote your services via Twitter, don’t use your real profile. You’ve to create a new account regarding that.

Here’s a simple guide to do it:

  • Create a twitter account with the name which includes reference to your services. Like I sold graphics and had an account with the name “Photoshop seller”, “Graphics King”, “Cheap Photoshop services”.
  • After you’ve created your Twitter account, hijack your profile’s bio. Describe you and your services and put a link that points to your gigs or Fiverr profile.
  • Once you do this, find popular #hashtags within your niche/services.
  • Found popular #hashtags? Now, it’s time to promote your gigs at Twitter but don’t forget to have those #hashtags in it.
  • Hashtags would give your tweets more exposure; your gigs would get clicks and simultaneously you’re on the way to have more sales there at Fiverr 🙂

Step #6. Got your first buyer? — Satisfy Him, dude!

I am sure after you consumed all these steps, you would surely get your first buyer!

Once you got your first buyer, try to satisfy him/her as much as you can so that you would get 5-star ratings and a nice review. After you got your first and awesome review, you’re on the right path to making money with Fiverr.

It’s your duty to provide the best quality service. To make each of your buyer happy, be quick. Fast services sell more!

Step #7. Time to check your Gig’s rankings!

You’ve got your first review at Fiverr and now its time to see where your gig appears in the searches.

First, you would not be able to see your gig at the TOP. If it appears after a single sale, you’re lucky! And if your gig doesn’t appear at the TOP, you’ve to get some more buyers from any other source. Like, I shared a Twitter technique, you can use paid promotion to promote your gigs. I suggest you go with Adwords or Facebook ads. I am sure you would get a couple of sales easily.

The same thing to do with every new buyer, satisfy every buyer by delivering the quality and quick work. Make sure; you maintain 5 -star ratings 🙂

Step #8. Check your gig’s rankings Now

After you got a couple of 5-star ratings/reviews, search for your services and find where your gig is located. I am sure it would be on the TOP.

See an example; this is my gig that ranked #2 after seven positive reviews:

Once you ranked your gigs, you will start getting regular sales. Regular sales don’t mean daily but weekly or monthly. It depends on how much popular is the service you’re offering.

Step #9. Results — 102.5$ within a month

This is my result, and I am sure you would earn more than this within a month 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Q#1. How do Fiverr ranks gigs?

Fiverr ranks gigs depending upon the overall ratings of the seller and the number of reviews at a specific gig. The gigs with more positive reviews are ranked higher in Fiverr.

Q#2. Why Fiverr blocks seller accounts?

Fiverr blocks accounts due to suspicious activities made by sellers. Like, if you log-in with a different IP every time or sometimes, bots may consider it as a suspicious activity, and there are chances that you would get banned or blocked.

Q#3. Do gigs with videos sell more?

For sure, yes! Videos are pretty good to describe a service instead of description or image. If you’re able to create good videos for your gigs, make it happen!

Bottom Line

Fiverr is full of success stories. It has helped talented freelancers to show their skills and find awesome people to work with. It was a little success story from my side!

Any doubts about Fiverr?

Share with me in comments, I’ll reach you as soon as time allows 🙂

Happy Freelancing!

Originally published at on February 15, 2017.



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