Here’s How To Become a Productive Writer!✍️

1. Set Daily Writing Goals

2. Write With Ear Plugs

3. Read Outside Your Field

3. Use A Mindmap to Plan Your Writings/Book/Novel

Writers are amazing. They sit with an empty paper or an empty screen but in no time, they fill them with their thoughts.

4. Tell Stories Not Just Facts

5. Write An Outline First

Writing an outline first is a great way to improve your productivity as an author. Start by writing out all of the chapter titles of your book. Next, you can write the headings for the various sections within a chapter. Spending an hour or two to create a rough outline for your book will significantly improve your productivity.



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Ahmad Mustafa

Ahmad Mustafa


A writer who has written 3,00,000+ words for online magazines only! If you’re looking for the one; say ‘Hi’ >>