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A regular writer with years of experience, shares how he boosts productivity.

Becoming a skilled writer is one thing and introducing productivity to your skill is another thing.

Today, the author has to write books, create blog posts, write on some authority blogs to grow their career.

Here are 5 productivity hacks to get better in your writings:

1. Set Daily Writing Goals

When you’ve got a long journey to go through — daily goals can help you a lot. Long journey like writing a novel or book can take time. To overcome this concern, start your day with a goal.

Twords is a tool to get started. This tool helps you set daily goals, start with 300–500 words a day and stay consistent.

Jeff Goins, an author, and a successful blogger advises aspiring writers to write 500 words every day.

2. Write With Ear Plugs

Writing needs FOCUS, this is the activity that tests your imagination and ability to convert thoughts into words.

If you work from your living room with your kids around, or from an open office, the noise may kill productivity. Nevilla Medhora recommends wearing earplugs to build focus and write more.

There’s a bonus packed within, people are less likely to disturb you when you wear earplugs.

I tried using Earplugs and the result was surprising. I began to write faster and the content produced was very engaging.

When you get distracted by the surroundings, writings produced are not fascinating at all and it is stressful, indeed! :D

3. Read Outside Your Field

We all know that great things happen outside the comfort zone. Comfort zone in writing means you write what you like, you read what you like and so you don’t get to learn the writing styles other authors make use of.

To get out of your comfort zone, read outside your field. Explore more, read books on topics that are untapped to you. You’ll see a great improvement later on!

3. Use A Mindmap to Plan Your Writings/Book/Novel

Writers are amazing. They sit with an empty paper or an empty screen but in no time, they fill them with their thoughts.

Successful author, Tyler Wagner used Mindmapping to develop ideas.

The mind mapping helps in writing effectively. Make it habitual to mindmap before you start punching your keyboard.

4. Tell Stories Not Just Facts

Stories give your writing a new life. In both writing and public speaking; starting with a story is always a perfect start.

We all love stories and so fiction books are always in demand. Even if you’re writing a non-fiction book, try to include stories.

An example of content is a case study where a writer shares how he solved a problem. According to researches by social media beasts, case studies are more likely to get shares. Every successful writer is a storyteller by default. If he’s not, he has to develop the habit!

Made To Stick is a great piece to learn the art of storytelling. Focus on telling stories and see how your audience reacts!

5. Write An Outline First

Writing an outline first is a great way to improve your productivity as an author. Start by writing out all of the chapter titles of your book. Next, you can write the headings for the various sections within a chapter. Spending an hour or two to create a rough outline for your book will significantly improve your productivity.

As a writer, we all think for a moment to outline what we’re gonna write. Without imagination, writing becomes impossible.

Here’s a talk that I do with myself before I start punching the keyboard:

“Hey, Ahmad!”


“We’ll start with XXX heading and then after finalizing that, we’ll go for XXX heading and then a wrap-up.”

“That’s great, let’s start writing!”

This talk helps me get an overall view of the article/blog post. And then, I start writing!

This is what I call an outline. Outline first and then proceed to the writing part.

How you improve your productivity while writing?

Share in comments, I would love to listen your productivity hacks!

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