How Blogging Changed My Life?

#1. Creativity Boosted

#2. Typing Speed Improved

#3. Fluent English Speaking

Before Blogging, I was unable to speak English fluently. I had a bad grammar, too.

#4. I became Productive

#5. I learned Consistency

I found blogging a very serious thing!

#6. I learned Time Management

  • Keep your readers engaged
  • Reply to all the comments you receive
  • Consistent promotion, etc.

#7. I learned Patience

In every profession, you learn ‘Patience’.

#8. I became Rich

Blogging helped me to grow financially. I worked on several micro-niche blogs and earn some good bucks by monetizing them.

#10. I became famous in my friends’ circle

Yeah, that’s strange!

Bottom Line

Blogging was always advantageous for me. If you’re a blogger, do let me know how Blogging impacted your life? :)



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Ahmad Mustafa

Ahmad Mustafa


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