How Blogging Changed My Life?

Ahmad Mustafa
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Blogging has transformed my routine and life altogether. A journey of 4+ years has been amazing!

Blogging was something extraordinary for me. At the end of 2011, I came to know about the term ‘Blogging’ and then I joined it!

Whenever I think about ‘Blogging’, the first word that comes in is ‘Awesome’. And yes, Blogging is Awesome. My life got changed entirely. I was able to craft a new life inside a life. Blogging blessed me everything,

Blogging blessed me everything, in fact! :)

Today I’ll be sharing some changes in my life that I felt after joining ‘Blogging’:

#1. Creativity Boosted

Blogging helped me transform myself into a more creative guy. Before Blogging, I was just a simple student who used to play more and study less. Blogging taught me to think out of the box. New ideas just started fetching and I could see the creativity boost-up!

How do I felt myself being more creative than the past?

I just found myself easily understanding the technical stuff. I got an update in the way I used to think. Whenever there was a problem/issue, I started to find the perfect solution for that. Within a few moments, I could find a suitable solution. :)

#2. Typing Speed Improved

Before Blogging, I used the keyboard just to chat with my friends OR play games. After Blogging, the keyboard was the only my tool to write blog posts. I used it only to write blog posts and for chatting, often.

In the start, I used to write several posts ( some were written by me while some were just copy paste :p ). Typing consistently helped me to gain a better typing speed.

My typing speed might be 20–30 wpm (words per minute) before I entered into the blogosphere. Later, it was boosted to a great level:

#3. Fluent English Speaking

Before Blogging, I was unable to speak English fluently. I had a bad grammar, too.

I used to get frustrated whenever there was an ‘English Spoken’ time period (where you’ve to speak only in English) in school. Later, as I started writing posts I got better in English!

I felt the change when I was called on stage at the Farewell party to share the complete school life story in English. I was able to speak fluently and finally, the challenge accomplished. There was clapping and then, I realized the benefits of ‘Blogging’. I thanked ‘Blogging’ later.

I kept blogging during study routines, too in order to improve my English so that I could explain everything clear in exams. As a result, Blogging made my studies easier than the past! :)

#4. I became Productive

The best thing I like about blogging is, it helps to boost productivity. When you blog, you have a mindset of improving the readership. For that, you keep on following a strategy like; write, publish and share. When you stick to a single strategy, it helps you fetch results quicker than the past.

It was just an example, mate!

Blogging is here to turn you into a productive guy. You need, to be honest with it. Take care of your readers while writing blogs and they’ll take care of you in return!

Blogging is here to turn you into a more productive guy. You need to be honest with it. Take care of your readers while writing blogs and they’ll take care of you in return!

#5. I learned Consistency

I found blogging a very serious thing!

It gives you result only when you’re consistent with it. When you’re consistent with it, you learn the real benefit of the following consistency.

Blogging taught me the lesson that in order to get very quick results, only ‘consistency’ is needed. You can grow with no consistency, too but it would take more time. In order to succeed before it’s too late, consistency is something you need to stick towards!

#6. I learned Time Management

In Blogging, there are several factors to maintain.

You need to focus on:

  • Blog posting schedule
  • Keep your readers engaged
  • Reply to all the comments you receive
  • Consistent promotion, etc.

In order to manage all these, you need to have a good schedule to follow. Time management is something I learned from blogging. As you know:

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I had no idea about time management but learned that when I started blogging. Firstly, I was unable to manage the several factors to focus on. As time passed, I learned how to manage and maintain your blog by sparing just a few hours. Start blogging and you’ll get better in Time Managment, I guarantee :)

#7. I learned Patience

In every profession, you learn ‘Patience’.

I learned from Blogging!

In Blogging, there are many factors that will help you practice patience. Like, in order to get ranked on page #1, you need to optimize everything and then at the end — you need to wait and be patient. Blogging tests your patience, always!

Blogging proudly makes you a man of patience :)

#8. I became Rich

Blogging helped me to grow financially. I worked on several micro-niche blogs and earn some good bucks by monetizing them.

I am not going to say ‘I earn $$$$ or more per month’ :p

I earn $$$ but not much. I have closed most of my micro-niche blogs as I had to focus on studies. Some of the blogs got their domains expired, while some got hosting expired! :)

For now, I am making a few bucks from content writing & graphic designing jobs (as a freelancer). The headline ‘I became Rich’ doesn’t only mean that I became rich by wealth but also, I became rich by heart. Blogging taught me that be a good person; help others and share your knowledge for free so that anybody can take your help to grow his/her blog!

As I earned money from Blogging, I invested in Dad’s businesses. Blogging helped me to get financial freedom. I am very satisfied with my passion ‘Blogging’.

#10. I became famous in my friends’ circle

Yeah, that’s strange!

Whenever any of my classmates or friends used to know that I am a blogger and monetize my blogs, they became my friends.

I was like ‘it’s the money that attracts everybody’. :p

I used to spend some of my earnings to get food ( Burgers, Pizza’s, etc :p ).So, most of the foodie’s were my close friends. :p

So, most of the foodie’s were my close friends. :p

That’s natural. Everybody loves Money, it may have or haven’t the real value. But, that’s the harsh reality that everybody studies well, works well, to get a good job that lets him/her earn handsome money. Blogging taught me to stop thinking like that. Blogging says, Follow your passion and the Money will come as a by-product. It’s true for every profession, not only blogging:

Bottom Line

Blogging was always advantageous for me. If you’re a blogger, do let me know how Blogging impacted your life? :)

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