How I started to Stop Hate and Started Living?

Ahmad Mustafa
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We all believe that all men are created equal. There is no one superior to anyone. We are the ‘Ashraf-ul-Makhloqaat’ (The best of creations).

Okay, there are some good deeds, bad deeds, good thoughts, bad thoughts. positive thoughts and negative thoughts. It is EVEN in most cases. The best thing is to stay neutral and go on.

I had a flaw; hating people. Like I observe someone, I don’t like any of his habits. His bad habit overcomes my thoughts/perspectives about him and I consider him as a bad guy. I don’t meet him in a good manner, I don’t owe him good hospitality, behave rudely and start ignoring what he says.

It happened many times and what, I found a factor in everyone to HATE. I focused, I tried and found the two thoughts to take into account whenever the HATE starting making me bad:

  1. We all are created equal, Ahmad. He is the creation of (GOD)THE ONLY CREATOR, too. So, who you are to judge someone whether he is inferior to you or not? The Creator is the only one and you are created on the same nature. So, stop HATING.
  2. Next thing is we’re the Last Ummah. The Ummah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). We’re the part of ummah for which ‘MUSA’ (A messenger of God) asked:

O Allah! Take my prophethood back but make me an ummati (part of) Muhammad’s ummah.

You can see we are the most blessed ummah. Our Prophet is the Imam (leader) of all messengers. Whenever you start to hate someone; you need to consider:

He/She is an ummati of Muhammad(PBUH). He/She is a Muhammadi, too. He/She is the samely blessed as you.

After I tried all these, I stopped hating and started loving everybody around. So, let me conclude this by saying:

You’re not superior to anyone, you need to worship Allah, Help the one’s in the need and yes, follow the Life pattern (Sunnah) Holy Prophet set as a practical example.

HATE Goes to ZERO when you start thinking the Creator is one, Prophet is one. Everybody is samely blessed. Nobody is superior to anyone. That’s all.

My friend, Waseem suggested:

Actually when we hate someone basically we don’t know that person completely . There is famous quote “If you hate someone then you should know him better”. It will work .

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