How to write Affiliate Product Reviews — The simplest Guide!

How to write Affiliate Product Reviews — The simplest Guide!

Reviews are a common type of posts that you can see on almost all kind of web blogs. Reviews define a product, its functionality, and a review is written only to force the visitor to buy a product and so on. In Affiliate Marketing, you select a product and promote it by different ways and writing reviews is the best option if you want quick sales for the product you’re promoting.Last time, I shared an essential guide to
Affiliate Marketing and in this post, I’ll be sharing my views on how to write affiliate product reviews. If you can understand this topic, you’re about to rock with affiliate marketing. As this is the only step, where most of the marketers fail, and then either they quit, OR they hire writers to complete their tasks.
I’ll share each and every point step-by-step, and I am sure, you’ll have cleared all your doubts at the end of this article!

Step #1. Know your Audience

The first step you need to follow before you write a product review is to know your audience efficiently. Ask your readers about the issues they’re facing? And then find a product that could resolve all of their issues.

Now, let’s learn how to know your audience, the right way:

#1. You can ask your audience about their issues via Newsletter (E-mails). For this, you’ve to save all of your audience in the form of E-mails [ 😉 ] and then ask about their real-time issues, etc.

#2. Another way is to know your audience is to do a survey OR watch the feedback of your readers. Once, you have checked the feedback/ Surveys; you’ll come to know the exact problem that your readers are facing!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Step #2. Find a Product

fter you found exactly what your readers are looking for, its time to Afind a product that could resolve all of your audience’s issues. Many affiliate networks can help you find suitable products to be promoted to your audience.

To Find a Product, you can go ahead to OR ‘s marketplace. Here you choose the product category, and you’ll find several products related to your niche.

Take a notepad and note down a few product names that seem good towards you!

Before you choose a product to be reviewed, its time to check reviews of all the product you noted down already. Simply,

#2. Put “Product Name” + “Review” in search

#3. Check 2–3 reviews and you’ll know either the product is suitable or not!

That’s it, after trying this way, you would have found the best product to be reviewed and promoted!

Step #3. Buy the Product

Yes, you have to buy the product first! I’ll be sharing how to get a product demo for free but let me clear why you need to buy the product.

L ook, before you review a product, its better to use the product yourself and then share your experience in the form of review. Many newbie marketers make this mistake, they just select the product, fetch the affiliate links and review the product blindly!

And that’s not the way to write a product, first, use the product yourself and then review the product.

To get a Product demo, go to their official site and request a demo OR you can exchange demo with a review. Both of these work!

Once you got the product, anyway; it’s time to check out its functionality, features and so on!

Step #4. Start Writing

Here comes an essential component of our topic. After you bought the product and got the chance to use it, it’s time to sit back, relax and start writing.


Here’s are some steps that you should follow to make your review more than awesome:

  • In the first paragraph, introduce the product in an efficient way.
  • Later, put an emphasis, why you need to buy the product.
  • Similarly, keep discussing the functionalities and features of the product you’re promoting!
  • At the end of the review, enlist the Pro’s and Cons of the product, this will show you’re reviewing the product honestly.
  • Before you end your review, compare your product with the alternatives; that exist. Show your readers how this product is better than its alternatives.

After you completed the writing process, its time to end with a CTA (Call to Action). CTA is a button/image linking towards the product page where the reader would go to buy the product. CTA simply forces the readers to sign up or purchase the product!

Step #6. It’s time to present your content, the right way!

Everything is done! Now, you need to present the content in a right way! You can use different plugins to make your content more engaging than ever. You can make use of tables to enlist the pros cons in a better way!

Better you present the content, more will be the engagement and absolutely, it will bring more SALES.

Step #6. Its time to do some SEO

All the six steps above were made for humans (readers). Now, it’s time to do something for search engines! Do something that could help you get a better rank in SERPs. You can install “ Yoast SEO plugin “ to make your post more efficient for On-Page SEO. After you have done everything regarding SEO, simply preview your post and publish it!

Step #7. Start Promoting!

Originally published at on June 27, 2016.




A writer who has written 3,00,000+ words for online magazines only! If you’re looking for the one; say ‘Hi’ >>

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Ahmad Mustafa

Ahmad Mustafa

A writer who has written 3,00,000+ words for online magazines only! If you’re looking for the one; say ‘Hi’ >>

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