Meeting Tayyab Saqlain — Founder ClickOn!

Ahmad Mustafa
3 min readSep 22, 2019


I visited a friend who’s running an SEO Agency on Saturday dated 16.09.2019

Tayyab is my online buddy, we met on Facebook years ago and then in 2017 when I shifted to Lahore for graduation, we met for the first time.

He lives in Lahore and owns an SEO agency named ClickOn, where he offers quality services to optimize websites for better search engine appearances.

There was an event on the upcoming Saturday and I asked him whether he’s going or not. He denied saying, reach my office and we can have a quality discussion there.

It was Saturday and he kept messaging me for regular reminders as I forget my plans or reach late most of the time. Messages like, ‘started moving?’ were there and I finally packed up my journey towards ClickOn’s office.

I went through Metro bus (a public transport service in Lahore), below is a picture I sent for confirmation ‘yes man, I am coming to catch you’:

A few minutes later, I reached the station that was near to his office. A 3-minutes walk and I reached Tayyab’s office. Waiting outside in the corridor, we went into the office and discussion started!

He shared some great insights on SEO and the projects he is currently working on. No doubt he is dedicated and he was generating great results. We exchanged some thoughts on the Education system that is creating employees, not entrepreneurs. I showed him the blogs I am currently working on, he shared some valuable tips regarding the growth and search engine exposure.

Later, we had pizza and drink together and near to 5PM, I left office as I had some pending work to be completed. The event we missed was replaced by a fruitful discussion where we found a secret strategy to grow traffic and sales. Yeah, I am going to keep that secret for now!

I wish Tayyab best of luck for his venture, ClickOn and other projects he is working on. And yes, if you’re looking for an SEO guy that can turn the fate of your business or blog, he is the one! ;)

A Good bye selfie with Tayyab!

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