My Childhood

How I entered in this Huge Online World?

I was in Grade-7 and the annual exams were going on! Exams ended and one day my elder who is currently a security researcher asked me

Working started — 2011

I kept using (free domain) for about 2 years (2011–2013). After that, my elder brother (security Researcher) gifted me ‘’ domain.


In the start of 2015, I lost my blog and you’ll be thinking how??

Launched — March 2015

I had no online method to pay for my domain name. I contacted a friend, he bought the domain and then I paid him via local money transfer. I hosted my blog at, later on, I migrated to WordPress. I got familiar with WordPress and learned something great by working at WordPress. TutorialsFist gave me exposure. I got connected to many bloggers!

A Good Turn of my life — Started Working At Fiverr

This was really a good turn. I knew Photoshop to some extent and I tried to sell Photoshop services there at Fiverr. I learned how to work AWESOMELY there from Hassan Rafique. I joined some online forums, facebook groups to know what others are doing at Fiverr.

Right Now —

Now, I am starting this blog! I’ll share what I learn new in (Affiliate) Marketing, interview PRO Marketers here & help you, whenever you need!

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Ahmad Mustafa

Ahmad Mustafa


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