Pakistan and its External Debts — The Only Solution!

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

#1. Creation of a ONE SINGLE AUTHORITY to train Youth About IT

The authority can have sub-authorities for each province but the decisions should be made from the major authority.

#2. IT Education should be MADE FREE AND ACCESSIBLE

This matters the most, the more accessible the knowledge is, the better exposure our youth will get.

#3. Bringing International Payment Gateways

Talk to any successful Pakistani freelance or IT exporter, they’ll surely complain about international payment gateways.

List of Champions that are contributing to IT Exports the MOST!

Within a span of just two decades, Pakistan has got hundreds of millionaires (yes, in $$) that are purely internet-made. :))

Tanveer Nandla — Dr.Web

Hisham Sarwar — BeingGuru

Qasim Hussain — PHPTravels

Tayyab Saqlain Zakki — ClickOn

Left (Tayyab Saqlain), Right (Ahmad Mustafa)

Waleed Najam — Rankistan

Mohammad Abid — Growth Builders


Every second is important, the world is changing at a great pace!



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